Auditory And Tactile Stimuli

Is silence the absence of sound?

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Sound and silence coexist in our perception.

Senses are the entrance to our Soul.

When I say I hear you, I only told half the truth! Sound is a wave, so I felt it when you spoke. We hear a limited spectrum of sound through our ears, but our brains are able to compose a broader sound image of our environment.

Is there a silent “sixth” sense?

Perception and interpretation – the first is objective and the second is subjective. We have our perception of ourselves and the world around us and based on that our interpretation. We will not talk about science, pseudoscience, placebo, conspiracies and absolute truth on this platform …

Going Above and Beyond Our Five Senses

Five and seven is twelve

When it comes to talking about  how we sense the world around us, we use a five sense model, that of which includes our sight, taste, hearing, touch, and smell. The reason why this model was originally used was that these senses were paired with a visible part of the body, either our skin, noses, mouths, eyes, or ears, and thus was super easy to remember and teach. The problem with this model is that it keeps us stuck in an ancient way of thinking, so much so, that we are ingrained to believe that there are only five sense and anything beyond these are coined that dubious “sixth sense” we always hear about. However, humans are capable of so much more than our basic senses, and actually, have anywhere of up to twenty in total depending on how to define the word “sense”. 


1. Proprioception

2. Equilibrioception

3. Vestibular Sensation

4. Thermoception

5. Kinaesthesia

6. Chronoception

7. Nociception