Sound as Vibration

Don't you believe the Neanderthal played the flute?

The oldest musical instrument in the world, the 60,000-year-old flute, is a treasure of world importance. It was found during archeological excavations at the Divje babe site near Cerkno (Slovenia) and is a Neanderthal product.

It is made of the femur of a young cave bear, into which four holes are made. Musical experiments have confirmed the results of archaeological research that the size of the holes and their location cannot be accidental. The holes were made by man for the purpose of sound expression.

The Wild Babe Flute is the only discovered flute in the world made by a Neanderthal. It is about 20,000 years older than other similar flutes, which are the work of anatomically modern man. This discovery confirms that the Neanderthal, like us, was a fully developed spiritual being, capable of sophisticated artistic creation such as music.

Do you believe that, since you've heard of it?

A human voice can shatter a glass. Every object has a resonant frequency – the natural frequency at which something vibrates. Wine glasses, because of their hollow shape, are particularly resonant. … To shatter the glass, a singer’s voice has to match that frequency, or pitch, and the glass must have microscopic defects.

We will not publish an ultrasound image of the fetus as it is not necessary. The sound around us is much more present than we would realize.

And this is where our story continue.


Fruit growers are skilled at this ...

All spin around metaphor…

The metaphor is very difficult to translate, even harder to interpret!

The last two years, they have shown us many a delusion that was previously considered a well-known fact.
A real war has broken out between waxers and anti-waxers – and most of us don’t even know the origin of the word vaccine
“The terms vaccine and vaccination are derived from Variolae vaccinae (smallpox of the cow), the term devised by Edward Jenner (who both developed the concept of vaccines and created the first vaccine) to denote cowpox.Source: Wikipedia

Maybe we made a mistake because we named our story digital-vaccine and not digital-graft …

Does it even matter?

It doesn’t matter because doctrine is not dogma.

Our doctrine does not include belief, which stems from an ancient triad:

Everything must include Nature, Knowledge and Truth !!